This is not my first blog, unfortunately. I wanted to start fresh, away from old thoughts and old prejudices, and I wanted to give my writing another chance. You don’t really get to do a lot of writing when you are a science major. Sure I journal, but journaling is more about observing yourself and your thoughts and actions. I leave little space for observing the world. This shall be where I observe others, and allow others to observe me. I have so much to say and I think it’s time to get back into the blogging world, a place where everyone has an opinion, a place where everyone is heard. Because that is all we really want. We all grew up in broken homes with shitty families and all we wanted was a little attention. So some genius decided this would be our therapy and now everyone has a blog. Everyone has someone to listen and even if you have nothing to say someone will hear you, even if the only reason they are hearing you is so they can make you hear them in all their cynicism of the way you are fabricating your facade of a life to the rest of the internet. We all need to be called out, even if its by a perfect stranger thousands of miles across an ocean. So this is my tribute to needy technology whores that don’t have enough of a real purpose to go out and have a discussion with someone in person. This is my tribute to those that hide behind their usernames that personify what it is they can never be. And this is my tribute to the inauthentic consumerists that take much and give little. We are all hiding insecurities. I just like to think of myself as being here to expose them.

It’s actually quite funny that I haven’t told any of my friends about this. The truth is that I’m a little embarrassed of it. I hate impractical trends and I think that blogging is one of them, but the idea of just writing to write and seeing what others think of what you have to say is so enticing to someone who has so many theories about life. Sad to say, but I’ve been sucked in. Hopefully this stage in my life won’t last long.



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