My Only Take on the Race for Presidency… For Now

I think it’s funny how all these Democrats are so keen on change in government, and yet they express that in a presidential primary. “Obama will bring a fresh new change to American government! He’s young and uncorrupted by Washington.”


Is there any evidence in recent American history where change was brought about by a single person? Doesn’t anyone know that the Presidency works within an entire branch and is restricted by the Supreme Court and Congress? Doesn’t anyone know that every politician has to compromise during their time in office?

I’m sure you could throw some arguments in defense of any of those questions, but I still wouldn’t be convinced. America is very different from what it was during the Civil Rights Movement or even from the Reagan Era. People don’t like change anymore. We’re Americans. We like our nice comfortable lives with our designer clothes and iPods and fake social circles and job security. The economy is changing- therefore we don’t like that. But in reality it hasn’t effected people so much that they have stopped traveling or driving their cars or sending letters and packages. We still do things that we have always done and we like it that way (though we complain about how it empties our wallets when really would could just stop spending that money and buy a scooter). We don’t have activists rioting in the streets anymore. And why is that? Who wants to disrupt their nice quiet lives to further a social or political cause? Why get arrested or shot over something that isn’t affecting you directly? Hm.

This is why I don’t get the hype going on with Obama. He will compromise- I hope all you Obama fans know this. So will Hillary if she gets elected. They project an aura of change all over the place, all the while the senators and congressmen are chuckling in their comfortable armchairs because they know they will be roadblocks for much of that change that wants to drive through Congress.

A friend of mine expressed to me that being president must not be that big of a deal anymore if a woman and a black man are running for office now. It doesn’t matter how highly educated you are, how big your social sphere is, or how wealthy your family is (George W. Bush proved this to us). What matters is how influential and persuasive and eloquent you can be. And Hillary has my vote for those things along with the fact that I believe her to be a very intelligent and decisive woman.


My biggest complaint on the new “pro-change” voter turnout in these primaries is that they are voting in Presidential primaries. The changes we want don’t necessarily occur because of a good president. Every president brings something new and, of course, things are going to be different, but the big things don’t change. For the big things you have to elect good senators and congressman. People who want to see things change should be voting in Congressional elections and local elections, not just Presidential elections. I am happy to see more focusing in on politics though. We have this great privilege and more than half of the population doesn’t use it to their advantage. No wonder Americans aren’t open to change. They aren’t out there caring enough to make a difference.

So anyway, this is the last time I’ll comment on this until November. I never wanted to put something like this up here, but it needs to be said.


One response to “My Only Take on the Race for Presidency… For Now

  1. Excellent post. Barack Obama’s mantra of “change” is too manufactured to me. For me, real change begins in the heart of each individual. Only then will America as a whole change for the better and change in a permanent way.

    You make a good point that Congressional elections are more conducive to change. Without term limits for Congress, we will continue to see more of the same. We will just have different leadership in the White House. Politicians want power and the plush job of only having to work half the year.


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