How Am I Supposed to Care for My Health?

My dad is retiring and I now have health insurance for another month. Since my girl Hillary is undeniably out of the race for good reason, which candidate is going to give me an option that will make it so I can pay for health care on top of rent, education, bills, and groceries? I’m not sold on McCain or Obama. I think they both have policy flaws, McCain much more so than Obama, and frankly, I’m just sick of this corrupt two-party system. But unfortunately I’m a realist and so I will vote accordingly because I know no one has a chance outside the two major parties.

But enough about politics. I’m in college. I’m a waitress. I have no career, but in order to get my career started I have to finish college. In order to get good health insurance I need to have a career that gives me that option, and I also need to be living in an economy good enough to find companies that are actually hiring skilled people.

I feel like all of us are in a catch-22. And I feel like I understand my friend Lucky from Cambodia more and more. All I can say for now is that I hope I don’t come down with West Nile Virus before I graduate. And I also hope the economy gets noticeably better before then too.

I hope a lot of things.



One response to “How Am I Supposed to Care for My Health?

  1. What a tough place to be in for health insurance. I might make a suggestion here. It’s a total Republican plan, which I am not, but it works out very well for young health people with little money. Get yourself a a high deductible health plan for about 1/3 the cost of a typical plan and if you have any money left over from waitressing you can put it in a health savings accounts (which if you can set it up with your employer the money goes in there pre-tax). At least if you need emergency surgery or something you won’t end up owing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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