Citizenship: Do You Deserve It?

Now, this is an undeveloped thought, but I think those than do not properly utilize their American citizenship should have it revoked, or they should have to go through a regular naturalization process that foreigners go through to recieve citizenship. They take classes on American history, symbols, traditions. The come to appreciate the ability to vote at even small elections and know the necesssity of paying taxes. They see the perks of being a U.S. citizen. But, there are those who are living here, as citizens, and complain about their government, a right of free speech, yes, but something unwarranted if you don’t help make decisions about who is in office. Citizens that don’t vote? Don’t get me started. Citizens that complain about taxes? Hmph. Sure you have the right to not vote. You have the option to be apathetic. So go live somewhere where you don’t have to make any of these decisions and still get  to live in your bubble. Stop taking up space on the freeway and stop acting like the only thing that matters is myspace and your iPhone.

I have high hopes for my generation but sometimes I wonder what it will be like when we actually are in power. Scary.

More to come on this one when I’m not on opiates. Having a hard time putting complete thoughts into a form that is communicable.



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