Supporting Role is Misdirected; or Just Limelight Hungry

Please tell me why.

Of all the capable Republican females in government out there that are much more able to win over the women’s vote. Why? I was not surprised by the debate tonight. I knew the media was exaggerating her coverage beforehand and she was going to do fine. But fine. She had nothing extraordinary to say. Nothing we didn’t already know. Nothing we haven’t already seen. I don’t know if it’s just me, or if others agree with me on this– I am an average American. I know the types of educated decisions I make, and it scares me that so many of our politicians run on that idea. I do not want an average undereducated American running the nation. I want someone educated, connected, persuasive, extraordinary. I don’t want someone I can have a beer and go golfing with. I want someone who will go go go 24/7 to make sure my country is being run properly. No golf, no beer. Get a cup of coffee and an ironed tie and get to work.

I would love to see a woman in the White House, but the right woman. Of course, to me that woman is Hillary Clinton. If we are going to have a woman with that type of executive power I want one that knows more about nukes and fiscal repsonsibility than hunting and where Russia is in relation to Alaska.

But enough about her. I am tired of seeing her on the news. I want to see McCain’s cranky face in the screen telling us more about how he’s fuck up America. I think she has had her time and it’s time for her to get backstage and let the real players run their scene. But I think she loves the spotlight too much.



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