Darwin, You Old

It’s weird to think that Charles Darwin’s time was so long ago. He brought so much to society and to think his thoughts on our origins were just an exciting prospect of truth two hundred years ago. And now we are mapping genetic codes to give real insight into the theories he brought out into the open. We’ve come so far.


I would like to remember him as a young man, for he was barely older than me when he began conjuring up ideas about our natural history. I can’t imagine thinking up such a revolutionary theory at my age much less actually going on and being diligent enough to find proof!

I wonder if badassoftheweek.com will make a post about him eventually (They may have already I haven’t actually checked). I think he was pretty bad ass for all that he sacrificed for the betterment of science. And also all that drove him to finally publish his research….

Thank you Darwin for living and giving and dying so that you might be appreciated two hundred years later. Rest in peace.



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