Statistical Running Machine

So I was reading the most recent cover story in Wired Magazine and, like a lame consumer, was persuaded to begin using the Nike/Apple Nike+ system. I didn’t have high hopes, but it’s only $30 for a shoe sensor and iPod adapter so I figured it wasn’t a huge loss. Looking at the statistics it also has shown to be a great motivator to keep up a vigorous running schedule. Win, win, I thought. Guess what? I absolutely LOVE it. Probably the best $30 I spent this year. My mile time has gone down a minute in a week and a half simply because I am more aware of how long and far I’m running. I’m not a great judge of distances just by using my eyes and intuition so this little thing I stick in my iPod is fantastic for that. Just the concept of being aware has made me excited to run now, not that running was torturous before or anything…

I recommend to everyone: runner and prospective runners alike. Very easy way to data-fy your running routine! Check out the Nike+ website for all the details on everything it has to offer. Recording your run times is just the beginning.

If you have shoes that aren’t Nike+ ready the little sensor stays put in between the tongue and shoe laces and still seems to present accurate distance information. I tested it today on a track.

Happy running everyone!



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