Save Money, Buy an Electric Blanket

I’m not the typical Southern California girl: I don’t surf, I don’t care for the beach, and I don’t particularly like being in the sun at all. Though what I do enjoy about living here is the year-round mild weather. It stays around 70 degrees most days and you rarely need to wear anything heavier than a hoodie or a cardigan. Unfortunately, the weather I’ve gotten used to all these years has me very ill-adapted to any extreme and sudden change in the temperature. Lately it’s gone from heat wave to thunderstorms to windy, dry, and cold in a matter of days. It might be lame because it’s only 50 degrees outside, but I am COLD.

I live alone, in an old building with no working heater. My windows don’t close completely and cold air leaks in easily. When it’s windy my curtains will actually move from the blowing wind. I know people tell you to save on heating costs by drinking tea and just wearing more clothes, but honestly, you can only wear so many clothes. When I was practically wearing a pea coat and gloves to bed I realized I needed to find a new solution. And I’m sure you can guess what it was.

Electric blankets are relatively cheap- around $40. And unlike the ancestral fire hazards of  previous decades, they are very safe to use. You can even wash these new models. My electric bill has barely budged and I am no longer at risk for frostbite in my own home. This one at Target is on sale right now too.

Have a warm and frugal winter fellow weather wimps.



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